88th Annual Fire House Banquet

TFC would like to thank our banquet committee for a great evening!
Special thank you to Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick and his wife, Kathleen, for attending our banquet, along with PA State Rep. Gene DiGirolamo, Bensalem Twp Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo, Bensalem Twp Council Members and their wives for celebrating with us

The following awards were presented:
5 years Active service: Randy Pellegrini
10 years active service: Larry Ackerman, Bill Cridland, Paul Delp Jr.
35 years active service: Martin Joyce
5 years Associate service: Meghan Connelly and Joe Sebrowski Jr.
15 years Associate service: Mike Lassnoff and Tim Stewart.
High Work: Tom Brotherton II
High Drill: Jack Stanford
Firefighter of the Year: Dan Hoffman
Chief’s Award: Joe Casey
President’s Award: Nancy Doster and Marianne Seborowski McGinnis

Life Membership to the Trevose Fire Company was given to Joe Casey and John Costello.joe chiefs awardjoe life membershipjohn life membership life membersmarty 35 years