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We are always welcoming new people to become a part of our team to serve in a variety of roles such as Firefighters, Fire Police, Canteen Crew, and Administrative, non-firefighting roles.  Regardless of role, you will be a valuable and essential part of our team.  Upon acceptance into the company, new members are placed in a six-month probationary status where they train with a mentor and must meet a certain amount of points for calls, work, and training.

Please download and complete our MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION.  You may submit the application to us by mail,  or you may bring it to the station any Tuesday night during our monthly meetings and training. You may also drop it off in our mailbox.


Membership types:

Active Membership: Our most common type of membership.  You will participate on Calls, Meetings, and drills.  Active members can vote at meetings, serve on committees, and hold elected and appointed positions.  Active members must make 20% of all calls, and complete 24 hours of work and training per year.

Associate Members: Associate members fulfill similar obligations as Active members, but only need to make 10% of all calls, as well as 24 hours of training and 16 hours of work.   Associate members can not vote at meetings or hold appointed or elected positions.

Contributing: Contributing members are primarily non-firefighting, and assist the company in other ways such as administrative duties, fundraising, and company functions, can hold certain elected and appointed positions, and may be a part of our Canteen Crew.  We also allow those with firefighting experience to be a contributing firefighting member. Contributing firefighters primarily take shifts as a part of our Volunteer Shift Program.  All Contributing members must complete 24 hours of work a year.



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Firefighters: Our Firefighters are our frontline emergency response team and respond to all types of calls.  We are also a state-certified EMS agency and run QRS calls for those that are also EMTs.  We provide all gear, training, and uniforms needed to be successful.  All new firefighters are exterior only until completion of Firefighter 1, commonly referred to as "Fire School", where upon completion, are interior qualified and have a baseline knowledge of how to operate on the fire ground.  To be interior qualified, you must be 18 or older.  We do however accept younger members who are interested to learn about being a firefighter through our cadet program for those 14-15.  Our Junior firefighters are 16-17.  Cadets are able to train with us and attend company functions but don't respond to calls.  Junior firefighters are able to respond to some calls, and attend fire school,  but must be at least 18 before they can become interior qualified.

Fire Police: Our Fire Police respond to emergency calls to ensure scene safety, as well as provide services such as crowd and traffic control.  Fire Police may also be called by local police to assist with special assignments.

Canteen Crew: Our Canteen Crew staffs and operates Canteen 4.  Canteen 4 is requested by a variety of departments to provide rehab support for those working on extended operations.  The Canteen may also be requested for special assignments.

Administrative: Members involved in administrative roles help with a variety of tasks such as committees, planning events, logistics, and the other tasks that help keep us running.